Social Care Needs You!

Social Care Needs You!

The news is sadly rife with stories of managers not doing right by their employees during this pandemic, and if you’ve found yourself among those laid off in these times of crisis, our hearts go out to you.

There is some good news, however. Not all companies are letting go of their staff, and in fact, the opposite is true. Supermarkets were among the first to appeal for new workers to handle excessive demand for stock in recent weeks. Your options are not limited to retail, however. The Adult Social Care sector is also in need of additional workers to ensure that care can still be provided to those most in need. As the Covid-19 crisis escalates the social care sector like the NHS needs to increase its capacity in order to support those individuals with complex care needs and to support those people of all ages recovering from the virus. Our mighty social care workforce are looking to increase capacity as a matter urgency to be able to support those people who will need it, now and after the crisis has ended.

Don’t forget about those who have been in hospital and need ongoing care at home while they return to their previous health. Once again, it’s our community of care workers who are at the coalface. Remember that some of our care teams will themselves be self-isolating with their own health issues.

All in all, there is a staff shortage and someone needs to step in.

You’re probably thinking, unless you’ve been an existing carer with a recent DBS certificate, you’ll be waiting weeks to be approved. Then what about training? It’s true; care workers train for weeks and have lots of mentorship and support before they’re expected to carry out their duties unaided.

But let’s say you’ve never worked in care before and you’ve just lost your job. Can you still join the social care force?

Simply put, the answer is absolutely! We’ve just found out that the government is putting in place measures to fast track social care recruitment and DBS checks so that those new to care can come on board.

The NHS discharge Covid-19 process falls under the banner of social care. With many patients in recovery being released from hospital, a great deal of support workers are required to meet demand.

It’s not only frontline care staff. Teams across Merseyside are looking for candidates with transferable skills for coordinating roles, managers and office support.

Have you got what it takes? Social care needs you.

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