The founding members of Liverpool Home Care Providers CIC in 2015 are Homecarers Liverpool Ltd and Merseycare Julie Ann.

From just two providers we are now 12 strong and have developed into a recognised organisation that has representation on a number of key decision-making bodies across the Liverpool city region.

As a voice for the sector we aim to increase and improve the identity of the social care sector and to challenge the current perception of it as a ‘Cinderella’ service. We believe social care is an equal to health and not a ‘poor cousin’. We are working towards a sector which is considered on a level playing field with health services and growing our membership across the Liverpool City Region can help us do that.

You can help us by joining forces with us. Remember there is strength in numbers and although we are all autonomous business, we share many common issues which impact on our businesses.  If we challenge these issues together, then we can achieve change and better outcomes for us all.


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Collaboration is the word and it’s been used for a long time now. We all know what it means but how good are we really at achieving it? Who better to collaborate with than with those who understand best the challenges your business faces?

We all understand there are commercial sensitivities in business and that it’s a tough world out there. But we have proven since 2015 that businesses can work together to deliver better outcomes without overstepping the commercial line of sensitivity. With us you know what you are signing up for at the start. We believe that our model gives true meaning to the word collaboration and as such brings us all tangible benefits from membership.


Representation and a strong voice to address the issues which impact on your business and those of the wider sector.

Being part of a recognised, credible, respected movement of provider organisations, which have the sectors best interests at the heart of everything they do.

Being able to influence and shape future, deliverable social care provision through a collective voice listened to by key decision and policy makers.

Being a trailblazer for the sector by testing new products and equipment designed to support social care provision, staff and benefit service users.

Opportunities to increase your business profile through membership.

Opportunities to form new networks and meet other providers.

Access to a new and creative recruitment portal for all vacancies within your business.

Access to localised joint recruitment events working with key partners in health, public sector and social landlords.

Being part of a movement, which will change the perception of social care to give it the profile and recognition it deserves.

Contributing to policy papers and ‘calls to action’ where appropriate.

Having a strong voice and representation with key policy and decision makers across the Liverpool City Region.

Access to peer support and a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in the field of social care.

We believe in being open and honest about what we do and what being a member of Liverpool Home Care Providers means. So just to be clear we have set out what you can expect from us and what we expect from you as a member in return.


  • We will be clear about what we can do, by when and how
  • We will be open and honest about what’s achievable, who we need to engage with and what resources will be required within the scope of our work.
  • We will enable you to access sound confidential advice and information when and if required by utilising our internal skills, experience and knowledge base.
  • We will ensure we invite key public sector representatives to our meetings from health and social care to meet with you as a member giving you a voice directly.
  • We will arrange shared activities which benefit us all for example recruitment events.
  • We will ensure we provide you with feedback on local decisions, policy matters, calls to action and any other issues which the leadership team are aware of.
  • We will involve and consult with you to shape the future of the business through bi- annual business model reviews to ensure the business model policy responsive and not reactive to change and continues to be sustainable.
  • We will seek new opportunities for collaborative working, including funding and commissioning/contract opportunities.


  • Regular attendance at Board meetings and other meetings where LHCPCIC is invited as a whole.
  • To send a senior member of your team as a deputy for you if you are unable to attend meetings.
  • Contribute to the work of the organisation effectively by sharing your knowledge and experience relating to key issues that affect the sector.
  • Be willing to represent the CIC if appropriate taking into account your own capacity, skills and relevant experience.
  • To respond to requests for information to support work streams and meet deadlines.
  • Be willing to share skills and pool resources to support work streams such as recruitment initiatives.
  • Ensure that membership subscriptions are paid on time annually.


Simply download our application form and send it to and we will be in touch with you soon