Homecare Market and UKHCA Priorities

Homecare Market and UKHCA Priorities

Liverpool Home Care Providers welcomes the new CEO of  UKHCA Jane Townson and her first blog to the sector.

In her first blog in her new capacity at CEO of UKHCA, Dr. Jane Townson shares her views of the homecare market, both in the private and care sector, and highlights the role played by UKHCA.

Dr. Jane Townson has spent the first three months of her tenure listening and consulting with members of her organisation to get a 360-degree understanding of members’ concerns for the future.

In the article, she acknowledges that this is a time of growth for social care, stating that “exciting times lie ahead” in the private sector, with opportunities for innovators and entrepreneurs. Demand is increasing in favour of homecare over residential care and the government supports this. However, she asserts that it’s not so rosy at a state-level with cuts in council funding leading to reduced services for those most in need. She refers to stories from the BBC Panarama two-part documentary “Crisis in Care” to illustrate the shortcomings for the end-user when essential support is reduced or taken away. She later explains how different councils are responding to current challenges with different solutions.

Dr Townson goes on to set out the main points of her five-year strategy, seeking to consult with policy-makers and raising public awareness of the benefits of social care being among the main goals.

“We know that high-quality lifestyle support and homecare can extend healthy lifespan and enhance quality of life for people; delay or prevent admission to hospital and residential care; and save money for the health and care system.”

The blog post makes for informative reading offering a detailed overview of the current situation within social care.

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