Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Into Adult Social Care

Why Now Is The Best Time To Get Into Adult Social Care

Maybe you’ve always wanted to get into adult social care but haven’t yet taken that step. Or perhaps your interest in the profession is a more recent discovery. In either case, now is a great time to be looking into the domiciliary care sector.

We’re Gaining Recognition

It’s obvious that social care hasn’t always had the best coverage in the news, with the government’s lack of a social care plan, poor investment and the public viewing it as a stopgap. Now people are seeing the positive news coverage surrounding NHS staff, social carers and other keyworkers and the tide is beginning to turn.

We’re being described as “heroes” in the media and every week, residents from across the land are applauding the work we do. Finally, the government has felt compelled to acknowledge the contribution we make to keep people safe and well and how much the work we do supports, families, carers and the NHS.

We look after people while families can’t

This is always true, but never more so than when service users’ families are self-isolating and vulnerable themselves. Our teams are on the front-line ensuring people have everything they need to maintain their health. We provide companionship, administer medicine, prepare meals and clean homes. We wash and dress people, take care of their needs in every way, and when they sadly arrive at their last days, we are there to provide palliative care. Our work is necessary to families as a whole. Relatives depend on us for respite and knowing their loved ones are being looked after when they are unable to be around. Our service users become like family and they need us. How well we look after people cuts down on hospital admissions and support the NHS. This is never more essential than right now.

Once the NHS’s work ends, ours begins

Doctors and nurses provide a vital service while patients are in hospital, but that’s not the end of the story. The social care sector then takes over, and we provide a recovery plan to help restore patients back to full health. As you can imagine, with so many people in hospital with coronavirus, our services are in high demand. There are those who are no longer in any danger but are severely weakened by the disease. It will take time to get these people well again, so we need all hands on deck.

Social Care needs willing helpers

The NHS has set up its volunteer army to run errands, do shopping and drive people home from hospital. At the same time, we are working with Liverpool Council, Liverpool In Work, Princes Trust and the Liverpool Social Care Partnership to call on people interested in care work or those who’ve recently been made redundant to join the sector. The programme aims to recruit and provide training to get more social care workers on the front-line. If you’ve considered working in care, this is your chance to make a tangible difference to people’s lives and be celebrated as one of the heroes.

Are you ready to find out more? Here’s how you apply.

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