Helpful Links for Coronavirus Lockdown & Volunteering

Helpful Links for Coronavirus Lockdown & Volunteering

It’s hard to know where to get the right information about coronavirus with so much in the news. Liverpool Home Care Providers is sourcing the most relevant and up-to-date facts to make it less confusing.

Here are a few helpful links regarding the current lockdown situation.

Dave the Dog is Worried about Coronavirus

This is a very unsettling time for little ones and big ones alike. To help explain to children what’s going on with coronavirus, a beautifully illustrated booklet has been put together to help children understand everything that is happening, what they need to do to stay safe, and why they can’t visit Grandma for a little while. The book is completely free to download.

Dave the Dog is worried about coronavirus

GoodSAM – Be Part of the NHS Army of Volunteers

If you’re feeling uncomfortable sat at home or feeling like you want to be doing something to help more vulnerable people, then good news. The NHS is enlisting volunteers to help transport recovering patients back home, pick up medicines and shopping, and call up people self-isolating by themselves. Use the following link to sign up.

Join Forces with other Liverpool Volunteers

If you want to get involved locally or you work with an organisation that wants to help the local community, then you can join other Liverpool volunteers through the Liverpool Volunteer Scheme.

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