Big Appreciation for NHS and Social Care!

Big Appreciation for NHS and Social Care!

Yesterday saw an extraordinary site – At 8pm residents from all over the country stepped outside their doors and onto their balconies, peered out of windows and entered their gardens to give a round of applause to the NHS.

Neighbours hitherto banished from connecting and conversing were, for a few minutes, able to come together (while maintaining 2m distance apart!) for a common purpose, to join in a nationwide salute to the key workers managing this epidemic.

It began with a viral post on social media, passed onto friends then their friends, then the media picked up on it until word had got to every house in the land.

The tradition started with Spain and Italy demonstrating their appreciation for their respective health services – Countries with vast boulevards of mid-rise buildings were neighbours can look over to each other during isolation, always connected. These avenues have become a powerful image of national solidarity. Closer to home, yesterday’s display of gratitude for the courage exhibited by national heroes was no less heartwarming.

Our own LHCP champions have been spotted in the media taking a well-earned break from their duties to enjoy Sefton Park.

Thank you, teams, for the difference you make. May the country always remember your contributions long after this crisis.

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